Monday, March 04, 2013

And More Progress!

Great news!  Nick and I drove an hour to the nearest city to go to our favourite travel agent.  I know there are travel agents in our little town but we have been dealing with Flight Centre for a decade now and they have never been anything but helpful.

Picture borrowed from with thanks
So we bought our tickets, booked the car, got the travel insurance and we are in negotiations for a housesitter!  120 days until we leave for Bella Sicilia!  I definitely need to ramp up my Italian studying.

We may be driving around Sicilia in a Fiat 500, but I will definitely be trying to keep the wheels on the road!
Other great news!  We have more pictures from Scott.  The kitchen counter is in, cupboards are up and the sink and the gas stovetop will be installed soon.

The wood stove has had a facelift and the counters are the beautiful espresso colour we asked Scott for.   
There was some leakage from the kitchen but Scott repaired the damage and you can't even see it now.
Scott sent us this message:

On a side note. The hob and sink have not arrived but I am told they will be here imminently so they will be fitted etc asap. The house is also drying out nicely. I would like to get the outside of the house rendered and finished before we re-paint so that it is water tight and no more damp can come in through the front wall on the 2nd floor (currently ruining the paintwork we have already done. (aggggghhhh) nothing for you to worry about though it will all be done in plenty of time for your next visit.

This is us flying to Sicily!  Nick is the one behind the pilot with the curly hair, then me all excited, and then Nick's buddy Bill who is thinking about coming to visit for a week or so.


  1. linda chartier5 March 2013 at 11:07

    Good for you! The place looks really nice and you will be arriving in the best weather! We just picked up another little project in the town of Buccheri. I am excited to get it started. If you venture out this way stop by, we have always a place to stay.

  2. Thanks Linda! I just Google mapped Buccheri and it looks like a lovely little town. We will definitely be over on the east side as Nick's uncle is in Catania. We'd love to swing down to Syracuse for a visit!

  3. This is so exciting Diane!! I'm so happy for you. Also, can't wait to see you! :)


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